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Rob Lucas

Rob Lucas

A little about me! I’m a digital marketing professional with experience building and growing the online presence of local services companies. It’s my mission to grow the sales of great local partners through best-practice strategies and proven web tools.

My versatile background includes web design, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), online search ads (PPC), email marketing, and graphic design. I combine all these tools to develop your web marketing into a lead-generating powerhouse for your business.

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Trusted by great local brands

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Clients come for the relationship and stay for the results. Owners reach out to me because:

  • They understand the power of modern online marketing to reach customers.

  • They desire to use the knowledge in their workforce to express their expertise, authority, and trustworthiness online.

  • They understand that their customers are searching online for their services, and they want a fighting chance to show up.

  • They know that their competitors are already competing in these spaces.

Most clients have pre-existing marketing spend, and I manage the digital marketing slice of the pie. Clients recognize me for creating efficient, modern marketing systems to raise awareness, drive traffic, and create leads.

I only work with small and medium-size, service-centric companies looking for more traffic, phone calls, and web leads that can convert into projects. I’ll only work with one type of company in a specific market to avoid conflict of interest.

My model is a simple, complete, all-or-nothing package.

I operate tools of the trade that revolve around your core web marketing systems and processes. My services include new construction website design, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid search (PPC) advertising, email marketing, and graphic design.

For any tools that I don’t have experience with, like video, I will work as your project manager with an outside service. Your core web marketing will use these services or productions.

The complete package is a simple monthly, recurring, and automatic fee via credit card.

This simple model means less administrative friction. Therefore, we can spend more energy on building, measuring, providing results, creating leads, and increasing your sales potential.

There’s value in your time. Operating a business pulls you in many directions.

We work together to develop a higher-level vision, and I handle what I’m best at to achieve those results. A healthy digital marketing practice will make you busier. Spend your time turning leads into sales, sales into profits, and profits into business development.

Ever-Evolving Toolbox

Using tools that constantly change.

While the overall technology is relatively constant, the tools evolve and the integrations between them require ongoing care.

Keeping up with WordPress infrastructure, hosting/domain systems, Google’s business tools, Adobe creative suite, among others, gives me ongoing education.

My client’s unique applications offer constant hands-on experiences.

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It’s About Staying Fresh

Keeping up with certifications and continuing education.

As these tools evolve, it’s important to stay current on the certifications for these industry organizations. This means countless hours of online learning, attending in-person and webinar events, networking, and research.

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Online Marketing For Your Real World Services

Let’s work together! I manage the digital marketing tools that best communicate your services online. The process is built to deliver results, attract new leads, grow sales, and cultivate repeat business.

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