Doing Business With RJL Web Marketing

Summary: RJL Web Marketing fees are a monthly retainer. The price is determined by 1) the price to manage my system within your company, and 2) any additional needs within my abilities that can help your other interests. We work together to make your website and online presence an integral part of your company’s sales and marketing network.

RJL Web Marketing fees are calculated on the scope to build and manage the web marketing service package I've designed from many years of experience.

You’re Hiring A Fractional Executive

Hiring RJL Web Marketing as your Fractional Executive is a modern approach that saves you money through reduced payroll, costs, and fewer administrative headaches.

We’re in a more efficient world where computer-bound professionals can offer their services virtually and in person. These partnerships are a relatively new frontier in the massively growing trend of WFA (Work from Anywhere).

As such, our partnership will grow and you’ll discover me as your hybrid consultant, contractor, and service firm. As a hybrid, RJL Web Marketing is a healthy mix of all those categories that will benefit your company by being:

  • More cost-efficient than hiring in-house a full-time marketing professional.
    • No overhead, taxes, benefits, 401k, office spaces, computer tools.
  • More cost-efficient than hiring a marketing/advertising firm.
    • No overhead costs of a larger company.
  • More real-time responsiveness.
RJL Web Marketing fees are calculated on the scope to build and manage the web marketing service package I've designed from many years of experience.

Service Package

The lion’s share of the responsibility of your web marketer’s value is in the results. The definition of “results” is a combination of:

  • Deploying my toolbox expertly and efficiently
  • Success with monthly Scope deliverables
  • Producing leads
  • Ensuring constant functionality of your web spaces
  • Ensuring consistent brand appearance and messaging across online channels
  • Creating professional marketing collateral
  • Offering sound marketing consultation
  • Building trust in our relationship wih transparency
  • Applying best business practices for active campaigns and processes
  • Maintaining up-to-date professional knowledge in my field

Active Campaigns

These are activities of my services that you will see regularly. Active campaigns may include activities like:

  • Initial website development
  • Creating new web pages and content
  • Google Ads (PPC) Paid Search management
  • Any activity outside of my service package to support your business marketing goals

Background Processes

New website development or redevelopment is an extremely time-intensive procedure. As the energy of the website build declines, we turn our sights to paid search advertising (PPC) and expanding your website with search engine marketing (SEM).

Background processes and maintenance are necessary because technology evolves.

  • Activities and subscriptions to keep the website alive include domain, hosting, and site features
  • Completing website backend updates and troubleshooting any issues that might affect its functionality or as the technologies evolve
  • Front-end modifications to improve the customer experience as we identify efficiencies
  • Keyword research, writing, and editing for your content and search engine marketing (SEM) activities
  • Ongoing Google Ad campaigns (PPC) research, management, analysis, and evolution

Best Practices, Education, & Doing Business

Long-term growth and success depend on my ability to remain current in my field. Web marketing tools and methodologies constantly evolve.

  • Continuing education to remain current and maintain best business practices within the web marketing industry
  • Research, learn, and deploy new “martech” (marketing is largely technology these days)
RJL Web Marketing fees are calculated on the scope to build and manage the web marketing service package I've designed from many years of experience.

Communicating and Transparency Are Key to a Successful Partnership

  • Your presence and participation will also make our relationship more successful
  • I offer specialty services that can positively impact your company’s ability to growand profit
  • Lead generation is the foundation of sales.
  • If you’re not evolving and growing, you’re dying.

You’re not thinking about me every day, but I’m thinking about you and working to 1) stay up-to-date in my field, 2) keep your system optimized and growing, and 3) stay ahead of your company’s web presence – whether through active campaigns or the management of background processes.

It’s my job to keep your business growing and thriving online.