Doing Business With RJL Web Marketing

Summary: RJL Web Marketing (aka Rob Lucas) is a Fractional Executive. Companies hire me to bring niche, advanced, and technical knowledge for these three critical components of a web marketing strategy:

  1. End-to-end responsibility for the website from the domain, to hosting, to the technical framework.
  2. Direct and encourage the growth and development of your website.
  3. Search and display advertising – Pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

This is an all-in service structure. I appeal to companies seeking full responsibility, proactive directorship, and active growth of their website systems.

  • My clients range from $1M-$25M annual revenue.
  • The typical budget range is $15k-30k per year.
RJL Web Marketing fees are calculated on the scope to build and manage the web marketing service package I've designed from many years of experience.

You’re Hiring A Fractional Executive

This is a fast-growing, modern approach that allows you to partner with a skilled specialist. This same theory may be applied to other aspects of your company including finance, engineering, IT, marketing, and more. As always, you have options. Learn more about what hiring a Fractional Executive means.

Among the many activities I bring to the table include:

  • Competitor website analysis
  • Logo design and style guide
  • Website topic cluster, site planning, and mapping
  • Website design and build
  • Active growth into the future
RJL Web Marketing fees are calculated on the scope to build and manage the web marketing service package I've designed from many years of experience.

Further Explaining Costs

RJL is an ongoing, active director to keep your website growing alongside your company long-term. Let’s break it down into these three components:

  1. The Scope: Similar to an employee relationship agreement.
    • Website (domain, hosting, infrastructure)
    • Content and search engine marketing (ongoing growth)
    • Paid search marketing (if applicable)
    • Consultant (advisory within my skill set)
  2. Google Ads: My typical client spends 1k-$2k per month.
    • I don’t profit from or take a commission on this ad spend. I’m the advisor/manager (as part of #1).
  3. Side Work: Sometimes you need creative services beyond the Scope.
    • Help with other ad hoc activities not tied to a schedule.
    • Graphic design work (i.e. business cards, marketing collateral, etc.)

The typical budget is $1,500-$4,200 per month. The effect of this depends on a cost-budget and time commitment comparison versus your other options like DIY, freelancer, full-time employee, or agency/firm.

A Budget-Friendly Pricing Model

Price certainty is highly desirable and budgetable to companies. The relationship is similar to your other management staff, but much more cost-effective.

“Projects” tend to create spikes in spending, often at bad times. The entire pricing model is designed to offer as much static spending as possible – an extremely budget-friendly model.

What Goes Into RJL Web Marketing?

People define “value” or “results” differently. It’s any combination of:

  • Deploying my toolbox and service expertly and efficiently
  • Success with monthly Scope deliverables
  • Lead generation, net-new leads
  • Ensuring constant functionality of your website(s)
  • Ensuring consistent brand appearance and messaging
  • Creating professional marketing collateral
  • Offering honest and authoritative marketing consultation
  • Building trust in our relationship
  • Maintaining up-to-date professional knowledge in my field

Communicating and Transparency Are Key to a Successful Partnership

  • It’s the responsibility of both of us to prioritize your web marketing system to make it the most successful
    • Your business must want active ongoing conversation and growth
  • These specialty services can impact your company’s ability to grow and profit
  • Websites and online advertising are commonly a seed of new leads
  • If your online activity isn’t evolving and growing, it’s decaying