Fractional Executives in Digital Marketing

Summary: Fractional Executives is a massively growing trend in the WFA (Work from Anywhere) movement. Computer-based professionals are now leveraging modern communication technologies to make themselves available to support your growing business.

What is a Fractional Executive?

A Fractional Executive is a part-time employee that serves a specific role in your company. The component of being virtual serves you with additional benefits. Many companies seek higher-level officers, and now they’re leveraging more common-level executives as a viable alternative to a full-time employee or a completely freelance worker.

While many small to medium-sized businesses thirst for direction when it comes to specialist services, many can’t afford a full-time professional. So, they evolve their organization chart to leverage Fractional Executives in various roles like finance, IT, and marketing.

Most of my clients already use an external bookkeeper/CFO service for finance, and many of them already outsource their IT services. In the same sense, I’m their outsourced service for web marketing services.

There are several reasons why hiring a Fractional Executive in digital marketing makes sense for your business. Fractional Executives provide the advantages of a dedicated, unbiased partner without the complications and costs of a full-time hire or large firms.

The Benefits of Fractional Executives for Small Business

  1. You can delegate tasks to workers with the appropriate skillsets
  2. Decreased payroll and overhead
  3. More affordable than larger digital marketing agencies and firms

The Right People with the Right Skillsets

A smaller organization usually doesn’t have enough people or bandwidth to accomplish everything. Their on-hand staff focuses on day-to-day projects. Owners are often put in uncomfortable positions of delegating tasks that are inappropriate to their employee’s skills. For these same reasons, you’re not asking your installation technician to clean up your accounting books.

But there’s no one else available.

Fractional Executives is a massively growing trend in the WFA (Work from Anywhere) movement. Computer-based professionals leverage tech to make themselves available to your growing business.

For example, you can’t assume that anyone is skilled behind a camera. Professional photographers have a keen eye for the craft and are masters in the complex tool of DSLR cameras. They can express the complexities of the resolution, depth, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, and more to produce the best product. They’re also often (but not always) masters in post-production. Cell phone companies try to make us think we’re all experts behind a camera. How often do you think those phone companies use cell phone images in their marketing?

This same thought bleeds into most specialist services like videography, drone work, or social media – to name a few. This includes what I do for a living. Anyone can build a website. Most big-box digital companies make you think it can be done well in a few clicks. Done and done well have very different meanings. How about your profession?

Delegating inappropriate tasks to the wrong worker will lead to decreased workmanship and cost you money later getting someone to clean up the mess.

A Fractional Executive solves this critical issue.

How Much Does a Full-Time Marketing Executive Cost?

Since a Fractional Executive isn’t your employee, there’s no overhead, office space, keeping them busy, taxes, benefits, or 401k issues to factor in. I will estimate a monthly price, then you can weigh the cost of the investment against the efficiency and savings. It’s an easy decision.

Wisconsin Annual Mean Wages

  1. $130,420 – Marketing Managers
  2. $128,920 – Advertising and Promotions Managers
  3. $77,190 – Computer Occupations, All Other
  4. $64,550 – Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers
  5. $61,450 – Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
  6. $50,910 – Graphic Designers

Data was found at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Last updated May 2020. Check out the above national data or check out your state specifically.

At RJL Web Marketing, I take the most critical web marketing activities and bundle them into a more affordable service package for small-to-medium companies.

How Much Does a Marketing Agency or Firm Cost?

I can’t answer this question with an average number. Simply searching this topic brings up a range from $2500 to $12,000 per month. Different firms offer different specialties under one roof. You’re paying for that overhead, workforce, and size, but they will likely cover you with a larger service offering. They offer a wider scope and appeal to owners with larger budgets.

A Fractional Executive solves this critical issue.

What Does a Fractional Executive in Digital Marketing Do for You?

A Fractional Executive in digital marketing directs the development and growth of your online presence. The right expert has a good grasp of their industry and tools, and they’re involved in continuing education to remain current in best business practices.

They’ll optimize your web marketing and keep it evolving alongside your company. The longer you work with a dedicated partner, the more you’ll realize how people are finding you online and what their experience is like. That could evolve into finding ways to leverage your website to improve certain manual or paper-heavy procedures.

RJL Web Marketing empowers you by building, managing, and evolving your inbound and web marketing strategies as an integral part of your overall growth strategy. I dive a bit deeper into this in Doing Business with RJL Web Marketing.

A Fractional Executive in digital marketing may include some combination of:

  • Development and evolution of website properties
  • The customer experience (both visual aspects and functionality optimization)
  • Search engine optimization strategies (SEO)
  • Paid search and display campaigns (PPC)
  • Content and search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Online reputation & listing management
  • Email marketing, list management
Fractional Executives is a massively growing trend in the WFA (Work from Anywhere) movement. Computer-based professionals leverage tech to make themselves available to your growing business.

RJL Web Marketing: Fractional Executive for Hire

You will get on-demand personal service from a real person. Today, marketing is largely technology-based and online tools. You’ll find it difficult to understand how the tools work together in concert. Companies hire me because I study them, and my toolbox is filled with them.

As your web marketing Fractional Executive, it’s my job to leverage best-business web marketing practices and tools to ensure:

  1. People can find you online in search engines and online listings
  2. You get consistent business detail across online channels
  3. You’re delighted with the depth of expertise displayed on your website
  4. They have numerous frictionless options to contact (or re-contact) you

As our partnership grows, you’ll discover that I’m a hybrid mix of consultant, contractor, service provider, and freelancer. The modern-day term is “Fractional Executive”. A few years ago, Forbes talked more about The Outsourced Executive: A Growing Leadership Staffing Solution.

In general, digital marketing is a supplement for (or in addition to) relying solely on traditional lead generation activities like hiring an outside salesperson, referrals, and repeat business. Today, that’s not enough to remain competitive.