Hotlinking & Hotlink Protection for Webmasters


An in-depth outline of hotlinking and hotlink protection strategies, emphasizing the use of .htaccess on Apache servers to protect your images, documents, and scripts.

Hotlinking & Hotlink Protection for Webmasters2024-03-23T04:46:53-05:00

SEMRush: SEO & Content Marketing Tools


SEMRush is a Swiss army knife tool that allows web marketers to explore the deepest levels of search engine optimization, site auditing, and competitor analytics.

SEMRush: SEO & Content Marketing Tools2023-04-30T12:43:56-05:00

Wordfence: WordPress Security and Spam


Wordfence is a security WordPress plugin that provides exceptional protection for websites for any small or medium business – which includes spam blocking and prevention.

Wordfence: WordPress Security and Spam2023-04-26T10:52:29-05:00

Reducing Spam in Website Forms


Reduce spam in website forms by making them more complex, using reCAPTCHA, and leveraging code to restrict the use of words and URLs in text boxes.

Reducing Spam in Website Forms2023-04-26T10:52:59-05:00

Google API Instant Indexing Guide


Instant Indexing - a process by which you automatically alert Google about a page, post, or any URL for your website (or in bulk) instead of manually entering URLs into Google Search Console.

Google API Instant Indexing Guide2023-04-26T11:09:45-05:00
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