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Content Marketing

Expand your reach by growing your website.

Search engine marketing (SEM) or “content marketing” involves teaching people about all topics surrounding your company, products, services, and culture. By expressing your expertise online, you appear as a knowledgeable authority, which helps build trust with new and existing customers.

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The Benefits of Content & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The Benefits of Content &
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)





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Inbound Marketing

Website Content, Organic, & Search Engine Marketing

Typically, people search for solutions to their very specific problems, and your business name isn’t often in that search. But keywords or topics that relate to their needs are often in the search.

The core pages of a website (homepage, about, contact, service, etc) offer a great, broad abstract about what you do. But you can’t assume that those broad topics are enough to beat out a competitor who’s talking in-depth about all their expertise. And if they’re not talking about specific topics, then you have an opportunity!

Tools in the Toolbox

Among the content & SEM marketing tools and skillsets that I bring into your business.

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Expand Marketshare

Larger properties are more easily found.

You have a great opportunity if your competitors aren’t expanding their website to talk about niche topics relating to your business, industry, products, or services. More pages about your business will:

  • Significantly increase the chance for someone to find you
  • Allow your business to express why you’re the right solution to the problem
  • Give you more firepower for other web marketing activities
build your content and search engine marketshare growth with rjl web marketing

Search Engines
EAT Up Quality

Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness

Search engines, like everyone else, want to see that you’re the best before reaching out. We expand your website regularly to describe and depict your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Conversation Efficiency

Stop repeating yourself.

Shorten your conversations by getting to the point and offering a link for people to read deeper into the topic.

Social & Email Firepower

More marketing strategy.

Get more out of your content by sharing it via email or through social media marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions


If search engine algorithms were common knowledge, how would anyone compete against those with the most money? Algorithms are also AI that evolves! You can increase the likelihood for one specific page to rank with due diligence in:

  • Performance/optimization
  • Ongoing activity and traffic
  • Search engines need to think that a page will solve the searcher’s intent


If someone wants to learn something, they will likely find it online. Potential customers don’t want to learn how to do your job, but they want to see that you’re the expert, which makes them feel more confident about contacting your company.

It’s never too late.

The internet will always grow. And people will always be searching online for services they need.

Yes, but not exactly.

Search engine marketing aims to intelligently craft content that is highly relevant to your business, displays your expertise, and creates a trustworthy connection between you and your audience. The goal of expanding your website is to build a digital salesperson who can work for your business around the clock.

Companies with vast intellectual capital that we can capture and leverage to benefit their online presence.

Your company is a vast discipline with core business services, products, a culture, and a story. There’s always room to talk about what makes your business and your services special.

“The best salespeople in the world actually empower the customer to buy and help them envision their future with their product or service. Forget selling, focus on what the customer buys.”

– Implementing Value Pricing by Ronald J. Baker (pg. 41)

I believe this is an extremely relatable quote to the theory of why we build your website into a content-rich, authentic, and genuine property. It allows existing and potential customers to understand why they should choose your company over competitors who tunnel-vision commercial messaging. There will always be the potential for sales, but how and why a customer chooses you is the heart of the relationship.

Partnering with RJL Web Marketing

Partnering with RJL Web Marketing

10+ years experience in internet marketing and website admin for real companies.

Companies hire RJL Web Marketing for extensive knowledge and management of their web properties.

A fractional executive is a home run for many companies. I work with a variety of businesses from new start-ups to established companies, offering a web marketing service package including site build and management, ongoing site growth, and more!

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Online Marketing Services for Your Business

Let’s work together! I manage the digital marketing tools that best communicate your services online. The process is built to deliver results, attract new leads, grow sales, and cultivate repeat business.