Wordfence: WordPress Security and Spam

Summary: Wordfence is a security WordPress plugin that provides exceptional protection for websites for any small or medium business – which includes blocking and preventing:

  • unwanted spam traffic
  • attempts to log into your website’s administrative controls
  • potential malicious IP hacking
wordfence premium enabled wordpress plugin for security and threats by rjl web marketing

This helps keep the most relevant traffic (real leads and existing customers) on your website. It significantly improves the data used to track website traffic and growth. It will also positively impact your web lead generation forms by reducing spam submissions made from outside the country.

A website is an excellent way to market a company or brand, and there are a lot of different aspects that go into running that website. Something that a lot of people take for granted or skip over entirely, is the security aspect of a site. Blocking hackers, avoiding security threats, and tracking malicious IP addresses are just some of the methods that are used to keep content and data secure, and to keep the appropriate traffic flowing in your direction.

Let’s look at some of the ways that the Wordfence application can block hackers in their tracks before they cause any damage by optimizing your WordPress site’s security and spam reduction.

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Firewall Wordfence Security

The premium firewall that’s in place when using the Wordfence plugin prevents hackers from being able to gain access to your website. This application will spot malicious activity; stopping it in its tracks before it causes any harm. The WordPress Threat Defense feed updates regularly with the newest malware and preventative technology. There are various country-blocking tactics that prevent hackers and unwanted spam traffic before they arrive.

wordfence wordpress plugin firewall security screenshot

Premium Monitoring of Spam Generation

You may not be getting responses because your emails, such as autoresponders from forms are ending up in spam folders. It’s ideal to determine and help prevent this from happening on your website. Wordfence researches whether or not your website is running on a legitimate IP address so that your information is less likely to get lost in somebody’s spam folder. Live traffic alerts keep me in the loop for all WordPress sites, including yours.

Real-Time Updates

Learning that a website is under attack after the fact is somewhat helpful. It’s important to know what’s going on the second that it’s happening. Wordfence has a real-time security alert feed that keeps me abreast of what’s happening right at that moment. This makes it easier to figure out where an attack is originating (various country blocking services are available), where the breach occurred, what can be done to prevent or remedy the attack, and prevent it from happening again.

wordfence security wordpress plugin to block traffic from countries

Premium Brute Force Protection by Wordfence

While there are some skilled hackers that try to bypass security measures discreetly, there are others who simply try to maneuver their way onto your website through the login page or by accessing the password reset function. Premium Brute Force Protection provides an option for locking out people who have attempted too many resets or too many attempts at logging in. A two-factor authentication is also an available option.

Malicious Traffic Attempts

There are several analytics programs and security plugin options are available, but Wordfence offers real-time information regarding malicious IP traffic attempts and the newest malware tactics. If someone is trying to break into your website, I will receive immediate alerts. Whether it’s traffic from real human hackers or robots, these updates are invaluable.

So what happens when unwanted traffic visits your site? They’re directed to a page, off your website. Some of the text may change based on who they are and why they attempted to visit your site.

access blocked by country blocking from wordfence screenshot

Monitoring Disk Space

Aside from security and protecting your website from hackers, there are other features available through Wordfence that can be beneficial. Wordfence Disk Space Monitoring is a tool that provides alerts when disk space is running out. It’s ideal to know this is going to occur before it does, to prevent the server from shutting down or malfunctioning.

Wordfence Scans for Malware

Like all global software, hackers often target the most common applications to access information and websites. Wordfence utilizes the newest malware to keep ahead of new trends. They keep track of pertinent data by way of malware scans. It builds a collection of faulty URLs, backdoor access, malware, and more by way of various servers that scan different websites and online presences.

Your website’s themes, files, and plugins are compared with the WordPress database to take note of any discrepancies, malicious IP addresses, and updates in the security technology. This information can be used to keep your website secure.

wordfence scan premium enabled dashboard screenshot by rjl web marketing
wordfence scan premium enabled dashboard screenshot mobile

One could argue that premium security is one of the most important aspects of running a website. The web management services that you’re utilizing should always incorporate this into the overall scope of your website’s engine.

For all these reasons, Wordfence is my preferred tool for handling the security and spam reduction job.

*No, I don’t receive kickbacks for promoting this plugin. I’m simply offering transparency in this part of the website engines I create and design.